an iPod of her own..

Cut the cord

yes, the rumors are true..Stelly did get her very own iPod yesterday.

First off, it’s a 4th gen iPod..not the latest ‘touch’ that we’re clear, let’s discuss how this came about.

The decision was clearly not just a whim, rather based on many factors.

Here are just a few:
Whenever Stelly would use Jessie’s iPhone, she would usually get it back with missing apps, deleted data or random phone calls to Elmo or an ex-employer..rearranged app icons was a good day. We’ve talked about getting Stelly her own iPod for her 3rd birthday, but decided a gift this special could also be a reward for some big strides.

The deal went down like this:
J: “hey Stelly, if you ‘trade in all of your suckies(pacifiers) you will get your very own iPod”

S: “bye bye suckies”

She has been on the ‘suckie train’ for almost three years now, and I think she was so amazing about the whole thing..kickin cold turkey is no joke, and it’s been a few days so far and she has just impressed me so much.

Bottom iPod can be a pricey reward..perhaps, depending on your budget, however the way I look at it is like ‘investment spending’..a few hundred now, or loads of orthodontic bills later..

*kinda cool she can FaceTime with grandma ‘Izzy when she wants, and her music playlist kicks ass (if you’re into lullaby standards)

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